Monitoring Systems & sensors

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On-site noise surveys

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Design, Support, Logistics

HC Controls' engineers have gained worldwide respect within the civilian and military aero engine Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) industry. We are specialists in providing design, installation, commissioning, calibration and support services to aero engine test facilities and component test rig users.

With over 30 years aero engine test facility experience, HC Controls have been responsible for the design of turbo-shaft, turbo-prop and turbo-jet engine test facilities. Our specialist engineers have a proven track record in providing first class service and support to our civilian and military aerospace customers.

HC Controls provides design and support solutions for enclosed (indoor) test facilities and outdoor Mobile Engine Test Systems (METS). Our engineers provide on-site and off-site (remote) system technical support, calibration and maintenance services for customers worldwide.

We work closely with customers on both conceptual and detail designs for aero engine test facilities. HC Controls Has experience in both enclosed, Uninstalled Engine Test Facilities (UETF) and installed QECU configurations; outdoor Mobile Engine Test Systems / Stands (METS). Working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and end users, we are able to provide impartial design advice.

HC Controls have experience in design solutions for both green and brown field locations, providing planning guidance and program management services. Our engineers have many years' experience in operating aero engine test facilities and test cells. This enables us to provide focused design approaches to fulfill the end users requirements. We provide an impartial approach to facility design, which is often necessary to bridge the gap between the OEM and the end user.

Our engineers can provide engine test facility operation and maintenance training and calibration programs to ensure the test facilities are operated safely, correctly and produce accurate results.

Specialists in providing test facility upgrades, supplying user friendly solutions increasing the life and usability of customer test facilities.

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Vibration Equipment

CEC Vibration Products

With more than 70 years of field-proven experience, CEC Vibration Products have a reputation which is unmatched in the industry. Leading the industry in developing and manufacturing precision instruments that measure vibration.

HC Controls is the USA South East region representative for CEC Vibration Products and are able to supply products, equipment, product literature and support where required. Having used CEC products extensively for our customer installations, HC Controls is able to provide customers with a total instrumentation solution, including specification, design, installation, commissioning and support.

CEC Vibration Products are world leaders in the self-generating velocity vibration sensor market.


CEC Vibration Products manufacture a range of high quality, reliable vibration sensors. Specializing in industrial, high temperature and compact sensors.

Designed for aerospace, industrial, marine and power generation applications on fixed turbines and in turbine hot sections where high temperatures cause problems with other sensors.

CEC manufacture self-generating reliable velocity and accelerometer transducers for specific customer requirements. Many of the transducers are OEM specified for engines and power generators.

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Monitoring Systems

CEC provide a full line of electronic equipment to monitor and simulate vibration signals. Monitoring systems range from transmitters through to rack mounted modular programmable amplifier tracking systems.

Portable solutions are provided for field monitoring and precision signal source generation. These systems include the widely used 2700 calibrator and the 1-157 and 1-117 portable vibration meters.

To complete the vibration monitoring requirements, CEC manufacture a range of charge amplifiers and vibration switches.

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Instrumentation and Control

HC Controls specialize in aero engine test facility instrumentation and control system design, installation and commissioning. Building on our aeronautical background, we design and integrate the latest proven equipment together with our own in-house developed software to create stable, accurate and user friendly test solutions.

We have many years of experience integrating Nation Instruments Data Acquisition Systems with Programmable Logic Controllers such as GE, Omron, Siemens and ABB. Our systems are built on a modular, programmable framework, allowing new additions to be seamlessly integrated in the future, whilst taking advantage of the latest technology at design and build time.

Noise Surveys

HC Controls' engineers have many years experience in performing on-site noise surveys for aero engine test facilities, post and pre-build. We are able to provide environmental pre-design surveys to establish pre-facility build ambient conditions as well as post build, operation ambient surveys to evaluate the facility impact on the local environment.

We use complex modern sound level meters to determine noise spectrums and tonality affects of local noise levels. This information has proven invaluable for determining noise attenuation solutions and operator hearing protection selection.

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